Where can I get Spritz?
Check our Get Spritz! section of the site and see the latest updates on software tools using our technology.

What is spritzing?
Spritzing is reading text with Spritz Technology Inc.’s patented technology. When you’re spritzing, you’re reading text one word at a time in our “redicle,” a special visual frame we designed for reading.

Who can spritz?
Spritz IS reading, so if you can read this you can spritz. Spritz helps readers to better focus on the text so many people, including those who struggle with traditional reading, find that Spritz improves their daily reading.

So, children can use Spritz?
Of course! Extensive testing has been done in grades K-12 with excellent results. Many students find that Spritz is helpful with their reading assignments. Also, when focus is an issue for a student with traditional reading, Spritz provides a different way to access text without distraction.

Why did you name your company Spritz?
When we think of a spritz, we think about a quick, direct burst of information that’s very finely formed and easy to understand. We want to make static text spritzable. Get it?

What can you spritz?
Text, of course…as spritzing is reading. However, the different form of delivery makes Spritz a perfect fit for specific reading situations.

Digital Books: Combining the focused reading of Spritz with the navigational possibilities of a traditional page layout results in a powerful eReader.  (Link to HMH Marketplace)

While focused reading is the main Spritz benefit, the compact format of text delivery can make for convenient reading even in applications with limited screen space.

Several smartwatches (including the Noteband> and the Samsung Galaxy S2) use Spritz and Spritz powered apps. The email app  allows you to read your mails on your Samsung phone without any scrolling required.

In the same fashion as email, Spritz can be applied for displaying any type of text message. Even media with embedded text becomes possible with our compact text delivery format. Think about maps, photos, and videos with spritzing directly embedded inside of the media. Or imagine replacing traditional closed captioning with Spritz…

There are even more possible implementations coming in the future, like virtual reality glasses. These types of devices will definitely benefit from Spritz’s compact form of text delivery.

How long does spritzing take to learn?
Unlike other reading techniques, you don’t have to receive special training to read with Spritz. Spritzing is reading without eye movement, so there is nothing new to learn.  You just need to get used to it and within 5 minutes, generally, you should be able to pick it up. Relax, look at the red character and trust that your brain retains the whole word!

Will I even remember anything I read?
Of course… the retention levels when spritzing are at least as good as with traditional reading. And as Spritz facilitates focused reading, readers who often get distracted or struggle focusing correctly on traditional texts benefit the most.

How long can I spritz in one session?
You can spritz for as long as you feel comfortable reading. Everyone takes breaks while reading.  When reading a physical book you turn pages, or from time to time reposition the book and look up for a few seconds. So you read in convenient blocks – and you can do the same when spritzing.