Reading Reimagined

Reading Reimagined

Improve focus, completion, and fluency.
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Improve focus,
completion, and fluency.
Enjoy a pleasurable,
effortless reading experience.

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Who's using spritz ?

Millions of people worldwide have used Spritz in one of the 20+ languages that we support.


Tell a big story in a small space. Spritz is compact, engaging, and allows for the reading of text wherever required.

With Spritz, publishers like the Wall Street Journal can deliver their content anywhere their readers are.

& Teachers


The Spritz eReader is a student’s tool for mastering reading assignments.

Instead of trying to make a struggling reader conform to traditional reading methods, Spritz offers an alternative text delivery approach that makes reading focused and easy.

Teachers can customize the reading experience for each student and track their improvement over time.

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The compactness of Spritz is a perfect fit for small-sized screens and the integration of text into pictures, video and augmented reality.